General Payment Terms

Our payment terms are 14 days for annual invoices and 7 days for monthly invoices. Please process your invoices by the due date to ensure the continuity of your service.

Domain name renewal and registration invoices

Domain names will only be renewed after payment is received. Your domain name must be renewed on or before the due date of your invoice to ensure your website stays online and that you can receive emails.

Website hosting invoices

Website hosting invoices which are 7 days or more overdue will result in your hosting being suspended and a reconnection fee will apply.

We accept payment via Direct Debit only to the bank account detailed on your invoice or statement.

Please use your invoice number or your business name in the description field of your payment for easy identification.


What happens if my website is suspended?

If your website is suspended, all pages on your website will only display the message “Website temporarily unavailable – please check back with us later”. In addition to this if your email is hosted through the website then your domain’s email addresses will no longer work.


What should I do to have my website restored as quickly as possible?

To have your website unsuspended you will need to pay your invoice in full plus a reconnection fee of $25.

A new invoice will be raised for the reconnection fee and emailed to your nominated alternate email address. Both the original hosting invoice and the reconnection invoice must be paid before your site will be reinstated. If you pay your account before receiving the new invoice please make sure to add $25 when making your payment.

Your website will be reinstated as soon as is practicable upon receipt of payment or a bank remittance advice emailed to [email protected].